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User Manuals

Please click on the relevant Product Model no. from the list below
to access a copy of the User Manual:


Photo Scanners

Models: DF-SC6401 - DF-SC6402

Models: DF-SCA401w

Models: DF-SC5701

Models: DF-SCWF08w

NetChef - Digital Cookbook

Models: DF-NC2802b - DF-NC2803r

Models: DF-NC3804b - DFNC3805r

1.5" Keyring Collection

Models: DF-FN1501b - DF-FN1506r

2.4" Gypsy Traveller

Models: DF-G2401b

3.5" Fun & Funky Series

Models: DF-FN3501b - DF-FN3505pk

7"  Centurian Series

Models: DF-F7001b, DF-F7002w, DF-F7003s & DF-F7004t

Models: DF-F7005b, DF-F7006w, DF-F7007s & DF-F7008t

7"  Touchpad model

 Models: DF-F7009b 

7" Disco Series

Models: DF-F7010b, DF-F7011s, DF-F7012t

8" Optima Series

Models: DF-F8001b, DF-F8002w & DF-F8003t

Models: DF-F8004b, DF-F8005w & DF-F8006t

Models: DF-F8007b & DF-F8008w

8" Designer model

Models: DF-F8009c

10.4" Sovereign Series

Models: DF-F1043b, DF-F1044r & DF-F1045s

Models: DF-F1048b, DF-F1049r & DF-F1050s

10.4" Designer model

Models: DF-F1046c, DF-F1047c & DF-F10411c

15"    Mirage Series

Models: DF-F1504b & DF-F1506t

15"    Viva! model

Model: DF-F1507c




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