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I have just hooked up my digiframe scanner which arrived through the week, and scanned some of my photos. I viewed them on my PC and was a bit surprised that they seem to have lost some quality. I know that old 'neg' film wasn't always as sharp as today's digital pictures are, but I persisted, edited and cropped, then decided to see how they looked when I printed them out.
I was absolutely thrilled to see the quality of the prints - they are bright and sharp. I am such a fuss-pot about picture quality, so this pleased me heaps. I want to say thank you for your digiframe product. It is better than I expected it to be, and I'll be encouraging my friends to acquire their own - not borrow mine! Thanks so much.



Hi, just wanted to say congratulations on FABULOUS service! I placed my order over the weekend, was notified it had been sent yesterday and it arrived today. You could not do better than that, so a sincere thank you and I will be lauding your company and service to all and sundry

Scanning is great fun. I have managed not to get into any strife so far, which speaks volumes for the ease of use of the Digiframe:)

This really is a great product and I'm so glad I took the plunge. I've always been a bit wary about buying things advertised on TV as you hear the odd horror story, but the idea of being able to quickly save a lot of my old photographs without having to go through the onerous scanning process on my printer/scanner was just too tempting and I'm so glad I succumbed.

I am really very, very happy with this product.


J Hayles


Brilliant and so easy to use. Recommending it to everyone!

C Robinson


Maybe you should advertise that any Grandma or Grandad can use it, as the children are normally the ones that are soooo good with Computers!

E Forse
Great Grandma!



The update process has worked, it was easy!

Best of all I can now scan long receipts and am even happier with the EzyScan that I was before!!!

Thanks for the great support and quick resolution!!!



I saw the add on tv about a year ago and I was thrilled as I wanted to archive my photos and I am tracing my family history and I had hundreds of photos, I have to say that having seen products before that didn't do what they say I was unsure if I should spend $149 on something that might be a waste of money. But I have to tell you that it was the best money I have ever spent I have got my money's worth many many times over, after scanning a lot of my own photos I was given my cousins 300 wedding photos on loan, I was so thrilled with the scanner I decided to time how long it would taketo scan them, I scanned 300 photos in 15 mins each photo was a perfect copy.

I told my friend about the scanner as she had some photos she needed copied so I invited her to come and see for herself she came to my house it took me only a minute to set up and I copied all her photos for her on her own memory card in the same time it took her to have a cup of coffee unbelieveable but true. I could go on and on but you have to buy one for yourself you will not regret it I promise.

I have now put my order in for the A4 scanner and I cannot wait for it to arrive, do yourself a favour buy one TODAY.

Yours sincerly,
Cathy, Greenacre, NSW.


Got my digiframe scanner today, was so excited to try it that I was too nervous to turn it on for a while! But I have now, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! Now you just need to make an A4 size one :), but seriously it is the best thing I have bought in a long time, SO convenient for the masses of photos I was dreading having to archive, this is making it so much quicker. I'm so relieved, also, that it works just as quickly and easily as the ads on TV show that it does.

Recommending it to all my friends!!

Mel, Wagga Wagga, NSW


I have no problem with you using my correspondence as a testimonial if you like, actually it may be helpful to you if I tell you why I bought the Ezyscan in the first place.

Recently I scanned a whole lot of photos into my pc via my multifunction printer and it took a good few minutes per photo. My husband is celebrating his 40th soon and I decided to do a slideshow for the party but the horror of thinking I had to scan in all of his old photos using the multifunction printer made me feel ill.

I couldn't believe my luck when I came across the Ezyscan - it was the perfect solution to my previous ridiculously time consuming scanning nightmare. Now, as expected, the Ezyscan has turned a chore into a breeze. I still can't believe the photos are each so effortlessly scanned and saved in a couple seconds onto an SD card. I'm telling everyone I know about it as the dreaded task of scanning boxes of photos is dreaded no more thanks to this fabulous product. Thank you very much for one of the best time saving devices I've seen in a very long time!


We bought a digiframe scanner from your company a couple of weeks ago. We leave for New Zealand tomorrow to visit relatives who have a lot of printed family photos which we want copies of. Having seen the digiframe advertised on television, it looked like the ideal solution to the problem of scanning a lot of photos quickly onto our laptop or memory stick.

The digiframe has exceeded our expectations! We tried it out on photos at home to make sure we knew how to use it properly before we went to NZ. It took next to no time for us to scan 600 photos directly onto our laptop. It is so quick and easy to use, we are really impressed with the way it has worked for us..

It is a small scanner, so it is lightweight and does not take up much room in our suitcase. It would easily fit into my wife's handbag if we choose to carry it as hand luggage.

You've got a great product in the digiframe - we are thrilled that it will make the job of copying the photos we want so much easier than we had anticipated.

Yours sincerly,
Robert, Kalgoorlie, WA




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